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From automatically acclimation for crosswinds, to abrupt moments of chargeless driving, to analysis that you’re about to abatement comatose at the wheel, the 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL SUV offers around every technology aid you’ve heard about. There may be no car bigger ill-fitted for continued ambit biking than the new GL, acknowledgment to the comfortable air abeyance and whispery agent agent that carries you 600 afar afore refueling. But accept your tech and accessibility options wisely to accumulate the amount beneath $75,000. The alone disappointment in the new GL is the tiny LCD affectation and characterless aeronautics arrangement in a agent so big.

BMW I5 2020
BMW I5 2020 Model | BMW I5 2020

Even the cheapest $63,000 GL350 comes with a bulk of accepted assurance features, led by the new (for Mercedes) Draft Prevention Assist, which warns if you’re about to rear-end the guy in front, and, if you footfall on the brakes, the car will ascendancy safe braking. Additionally new in the MB lineup, and standard, is crosswind stabilization. It corrects for gusts of wind across-the-board off a arch or abundance pass.

The best advantageous assurance advantage is the Disciplinarian Assistance Amalgamation ($1,900-$2,800 depending on model) which rolls in Distronic Additional (adaptive cruise control) with Active Lane Befitting Abetment and Active Dark Atom Assist. On beeline anchorage with acceptable lane markings, it gives you a semi-self-driving Benz for as continued as 30 seconds. Not that you’re supposed to. Here’s how it works: A forward-facing camera in the rear appearance mirror watches the lane markers and warns, again corrects, if you alluvion (lane keeping). Distronic maintains your acceleration and slows, alike stops, you if the cartage advanced slows. If you alluvion abutting to the lane, the car nudges the brakes on the adverse ancillary and the annoyance pivots the car aback into lane, aloof as a paddle boring in the baptize pivots you canoe against the paddle side. (The photo aloft shows the apparatus animate affectation advertence the car about to go off to the right.) If I kept easily off the wheel, the car would appropriate itself two, three or four times in a row but eventually it would ride over the lane marking. Darwin lives.

The “active” allotment of the advantage names administer to the antidotal actions: the car affective you abroad from the lane bend (unless your blinder is on) or affective you aback into lane if Active Dark Atom Abetment sees you afloat into an active lane. In either case, a ablaze cull on the heavily additional ability council overrides the car.

BMW I5 2020
 Redesign and Concept
BMW I5 2020 Price and Release date | BMW I5 2020

Every car offers parking sonar. The GL one-ups the absolute antagonism with a parking abetment amalgamation ($1,290) with advanced and rear alarm additional cameras front-rear-side (in the ancillary mirrors, adverse down) to accord you a birds-eye appearance of the car (photo) additional Active Parking Assist, which parallel-parks the GL for you in a atom 60 inches best than the GL’s 202-inch length. The abject GL comes with a rear camera; the parking amalgamation may save owners that abundant in draft deductibles and college premiums. All the appearance assignment perfectly. With parking assist, you drive boring accomplished a band of cars until the sensors atom an aperture 22 anxiety (6.7m) long. The car beeps, you stop, put the car in reverse, and tap the council caster button apparent OK. The car steers and measures; you ascendancy the burke and (important) the brakes. One canyon gets you into the parking spot.

The GL is one of several cars in the Mercedes-Benz agile with Attention Assist, a set of algorithms that measures disciplinarian alertness, mostly through micro-movements of the wheel, and suggests you booty a breach if you abatement beneath a threshold. I’ve begin that Attention Abetment catches you aback you’re comatose and additionally some times aback you anticipate you’re not. Attention Abetment is free.

The Active Curve Arrangement is not free. That’s $2,900. It’s a adult leveraging activity of the car’s abeyance that reduces angular in turns, makes the disciplinarian feel added secure, and makes the cartage beneath affronted by active driving. Breadth planes coffer into turns so you feel no alongside motion, this reduces but never eliminates lean, in allotment because the crabbed armament active the disciplinarian to aback off.

For the best part, if a assurance affection is vital, it’s allotment of the abject amount of a Mercedes: Draft Prevention Abetment but not Distronic adaptive cruise control, Attention Abetment but not Active Curve System, which sounds as if Mercedes entered the women’s fettle business. But there abundant options that a top-of-the-line GL550 I collection came in at $108,000, and there were some options it didn’t have. With the GL, you can advancement from a Harman/Kardon beleaguer arrangement to Bang & Olufsen for $6,400, add rear bench ball for $1,950, addition the air abeyance with adaptive damping for $800, see in the aphotic with Night Vision Abetment Additional for $1,780, and get power-ventilated seats ($570) that blot in damp from the bench apparent breadth the added vented seats draft air out.

BMW I5 2020
BMW I5 2020 Performance and New Engine | BMW I5 2020

The one breadth area the GL is uncompetitive is the centermost stack. The LCD is allotment of the Comand arrangement that is accepted on all GLs and uses a ascendancy caster like BMW’s iDrive. But the LCD is alone 7 inches askew breadth it’s 10 inches on the abate BMW X5 SUV. Because the LCD is small, Mercedes doesn’t do split-screen for, say, aeronautics additional infotainment. The aeronautics arrangement is vanilla. If you’re in addition awning (say audio setup), aback a circuitous about-face approaches, it doesn’t briefly about-face aback to map view. In aeronautics view, you do get a breach awning assuming the avenue but not which lanes avenue and which go through.

There are as abounding as 49 buttons on the centermost assemblage and at atomic eight added on the animate (a lot). The Comand ascendancy caster and the radio ascendancy caster are glassy metal-finish and a bit slippery. Bluetooth is accepted but an iPod adapter is not. (A six-disc CD/DVD banker is. Talk about priorities.) Mercedes counters that about every GL awash will accept a exceptional amalgamation that includes a USB/iPod interface. That’s the bad of the centermost stack.

Here’s the good. A 4.5-inch blush LCD advice affectation sits amid the speedometer and tachometer and lets the disciplinarian glance bottomward to see important advice (phone, navigation, entertainment). Alike better, the Mbrace2 telematics arrangement is world-class and does over-the-air updates. Remember how Ford got ashore commitment out hundreds of bags of USB keys to advancement its Sync system? Via Mbrace2 and your phone, you can admission apps such as Facebook, Twitter or Yelp, but so far not abundant in the way of music such as Pandora or MOG.

What if you’re one of the 100,000 US buyers of exceptional full-size SUVs attractive for a new ride? The aboriginal GL (2006-2012) already was the sales baton with a division of the market, a bit added than the Cadillac Escalade. About aggregate about the 2013 Mercedes-Benz GL is better, including genitalia that accept been, well, Americanized, such as the actual ablaze ability steering. The GL is phenomenally quiet and the cockpit is handsome. In mostly artery active with the GL350, the six-cylinder turbo diesel, I got about 23 mpg. Additional row roominess is good, admitting bottom cars (the Ford Flex) are better. The third row is able for kids. Alike admitting the GL is a bit best than the accepted Escalade, it looks like a abate vehicle. These full-size SUVs accept added burden amplitude abaft the third row than almost-full-size SUVs such as the Mercedes-Benz ML and BMW X5.

If you buy, you’ll apparently appetite the exceptional amalgamation that includes navigation; one of the parking alarm packages; Easy Entry ($400) that automatically folds bottomward the additional row seats to ability the third row; and the dark atom and lane accumulate systems (also Distronic if you do continued artery trips). Older drivers or country anchorage drivers should get the lighting amalgamation that makes the xenon headlamps (standard) steerable as well. MBTex (vinyl) does a acceptable job replicating the $1,620 abject covering package. The GL350 agent at $63,305 abject amount with aircraft is absolutely $1,500 cheaper than the V8 gasoline GL450 (usually it’s the opposite), and I begin it’s added than quick enough. Again you’re in for beneath $75,000.

BMW I5 2020
BMW I5 2020 Redesign and Concept | BMW I5 2020

For the exterior, a bigger, bolder grille matches the look on BMW I5 2020
newer SUVs while the sharper lines and larger air intakes of the front fascia further add to the aggression. A new L-shaped light signature in the taillights makes things more modern at the rear, while larger diameter tailpipes lend a sportier look and feel to the vehicle. This sporty edge can be further enhanced with an available M Sport Package.

Inside, the instrument cluster remains analog while an 8.8-inch infotainment screen sits atop the dash and features navigation as well as Apple CarPlay smartphone integration. Electronic driver aids, either standard or available, include adaptive cruise control with speed limit information, collision warning with pedestrian detection and automatic emergency braking, and steering assist with lane departure warning.

Pricing information for the BMW I5 2020
will be announced closer to the market launch, though we don’t expect much of a move from the 2019 model’s $34,950 base sticker.

When it was launched for 2016, the second-generation BMW I5 2020
brought a much more handsome look than its frumpy predecessor, though it also switched from a rear- to a front-wheel-drive platform. The switch didn’t hurt sales one bit, as the last two years have been the nameplate’s best, with approximately 30,000 units sold in the U.S. in each of those years.

BMW I5 2020
BMW I5 2020 Specs | BMW I5 2020
BMW I5 2020
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BMW I5 2020
BMW I5 2020 Redesign and Review | BMW I5 2020
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BMW I5 2020
BMW I5 2020 Review and Release date | BMW I5 2020

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