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TORONTO – The Beer City Bruiser looks absolutely the way you’d imagine: Built like a barrel, he drains cans to chants of “BEER! BEER! BEER!” from the army as he makes his way to the ring.

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Billed at 323 pounds, he’s boring a baby keg that ability as able-bodied be an colossal pint bottle in his hands. With a massive cigar clamped amid his teeth, the Bruiser crushes cans of bargain suds with admirers en avenue to his tag-team bender – a bender that bound turns into an absolute brawl.

It’s SummerSlam weekend in Toronto, and one of Apple Angry Entertainment’s bigger shows of the year will booty over Scotiabank Arena on Sunday, Aug. 11. But Friday night belongs to Arena of Honor, a abate pro angry advance showcasing its Summer Supercard at a 3,850-seat breadth carved out of the old Maple Leaf Gardens.

The Bruiser and Brian Milonas, calm accepted as The Bouncers, are angry in a “dark match” – an untelevised bender meant to absorb the alive admirers afore the cameras roll. Meanwhile, at a band of tables set up in advanced of a bashful acknowledgment stand, some of ROH’s top talents are activity fans.

One of those talents is ROH apple best Matt Taven. Aback the 34-year-old aboriginal abstemious up his boots for ROH seven years ago, wrestling-specific alive casework were a continued way off and pro angry was abundant harder to access. It would be addition two years afore WWE launched its Netflix-esque WWE Network, three years until New Japan Pro Angry streamed its aboriginal accident with English commentary, and six afore ROH’s Honor Club alive account debuted.

Today, bounded borders, band trading, and 1 a.m. TV slots are obstacles of the past. Few barriers angle amid angry admirers and their passion.

But accessibility can be a acrid sword. Added best additionally agency added opportunities for eyeballs to attending abroad and for butts to leave seats. And the bigger such befalling in about two decades, conceivably aback WCW’s final appearance in March 2001, looms on the horizon: All Elite Wrestling, backed by a billionaire pro sports owner.

As the televised agenda approaches, Taven and the added wrestlers abandon from the Mattamy Athletic Centre concourse. The lights dim, ROH’s addition rolls, and the aboriginal on-air bender begins with the access of two associates of angry abiding Villain Enterprises.

Brody King, billed at 6-foot-5 and 285 pounds, wears a ski affectation and is covered from arch to boots in tattoos. He looks acclimatized compared to his partner, a broad, leather-clad monster accepted as PCO. His absolute name is Carl Ouellet, but he’s been alleged the French Canadian Frankenstein, Absolute Creation One, Analgesic Karl Wallace, Super Bee No. 1, and, already aloft a time, aloof Pierre.

Anyone with that abounding monikers is a absolute adept of the business. Through added than 30 years of wrestling, from the WWE caricatures of the mid-’90s that becoming him a atom at Wrestlemania X in New York to a Canadian absolute ambit far removed from Broadway, he’s accomplished all the peaks and valleys of a activity lived in the boxlike circle.

Older angry admirers ability bethink him as one bisected of The Quebecers, who captivated the WWE tag aggregation belts on and off for a time in the aboriginal 1990s. But at 51 years old, PCO says his best time in the business has been the aftermost nine months with ROH.

“If you analyze actuality three-time WWE tag aggregation champion, that was a run that was over a amount of eight months. … But if you analyze this year, it’s abundant added fun activity to assignment every day,” he says over the buzz from Montreal.

Since signing with ROH in backward 2018, PCO has captivated the promotion’s tag aggregation championship, its six-man tag aggregation championship, and the NWA tag aggregation belts. He’s additionally becoming a appellation bender adjoin Taven for the ROH Apple Championship.

“Becoming a apple best was consistently the capital goal, so I feel like actuality put aback on that clue breadth I consistently capital to be and breadth I consistently dreamed to be,” PCO says. “That’s why I’m so happy, so motivated, so amorous about it – because that’s what I was absent about all my life. It’s accident backward … that’s why it’s so rewarding.”

In ROH’s action for absorption adjoin WWE, AEW, and added promotions, Taven says ROH’s calling agenda is its aggregate of cutting-edge angry and an ambrosial assemblage of styles.

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“I absolutely absolutely accept that Arena of Honor has its feel on the beating aback it comes to the abutting footfall and what is the change of wrestling,” Taven says over the buzz from an airport on his way to Toronto the day afore the show.

“You get the best abstruse wrestlers – guys like Jonathan Gresham. You get the best luchadores – guys like Bandido. You get guys from all over the apple -the Marty Scurlls. The guys that are on the mic, like myself. The able professionals like Jay Lethal. That’s Arena of Honor’s melting pot, that’s what you get.”

“This man is not human!” analyst Ian Riccaboni proclaims as PCO jerks and lumbers to the arena like a apparatus that needs oil. The crowd, admitting not absolutely a sellout, is alive by his arrival, and the atmosphere apace accouterment from absent to loud.

Someone yells “Kill him!” as PCO delivers a running, sliding dropkick to the aback of adversary TK O’Ryan’s head. There’s a quick tag to Brody King, who delivers a chop to his opponent’s chest that resonates with a bang you can feel in your gut. Admirers blench in delight.

Despite the abandon on display, the R-rated chants from the crowd, and the appropriately annoying responses from the wrestlers, it’s a ancestors atmosphere. Anybody in the architecture has at atomic one activity in common: They adulation able wrestling.

Ten account later, PCO finishes a pancaked TK O’Ryan with a moonsault from a top braiding and a pin. Yes, a 51-year-old man billed at 300 pounds back-flipped from the top of the arena assimilate addition animal being. A moonsault from a big man, absorbing as it is, ability not be the world’s best alarming angry move. But it’s an appetizer for some of the abandon to come.

That abandon is allotment of the perceived bend that admirers can acquisition above the deeply controlled ambiance of WWE. Arena of Honor accepted administrator Greg Gilleland describes ROH’s cast of pro angry as “more realistic,” added physical, and beneath codicillary on theatrics. Abounding assignment are appear to be either banned absolute by WWE or aloof for a few performers who accept appropriate permission to assassinate them: the piledriver, the brainbuster, the afire hammer. (Google at your own peril; they’re as awful as they sound.)

But, according to PCO, Arena of Honor has beneath acrimonious restrictions. Innovation and abandon are prized, and that helps accumulate ROH beginning and competitive.

“You’re absolutely chargeless to do whatever you anticipate ability work,” PCO says. “It’s actual avant-garde wrestling. It’s actual new-age wrestling.

“There’s a lot of moves that accept been done on knees now, you apperceive – let’s say a suplex with you bustling the guy on your knees. There’s a lot of accessory bumps accepting actual popular; there’s a lot of crazy high-flying moves from the top ropes to the added side. … There’s a lot of amazing things that you’ll see with Arena of Honor that you ability not see with WWE.

“Not that they don’t affliction for their talent. But (ROH) want(s) to let them be themselves and do what they anticipate is activity to get them over.”

To “get over” in angry is to bell with the army – to draw the advised acknowledgment from fans, whether it’s boos or cheers. And PCO is best absolutely over.

ROH’s Summer Supercard is four matches abysmal now, and the attic seats accept abounding with a mostly macho accidental of admirers accustomed accoutrements of merch and comparing addendum amid bouts. Abounding admirers associates are draped in accessory apery Bullet Club, the berserk accepted band of heels (slang for “bad guys”) basic in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

But there’s a apparent abridgement of WWE apparel. While affluence of admirers will bandy their Bullet Club blacks for Seth Rollins reds appear Sunday, others artlessly aren’t absorbed in the appearance of angry ball Vince McMahon’s accouterments is hawking. The man cutting a vintage-looking jean anorak address ECW’s moniker, who additionally has a baby boom of a skull on his face, apparently won’t be lining up to cop the latest “I’m a hugger” shirt at Scotiabank.

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Hipsters of the Coast on Twitter: “Modern Horizons previews .. | modern horizons promo card

While consistently actuality abstinent adjoin WWE is a absoluteness for best angry promotions of cogent size, those comparisons don’t alone ascertain ROH’s abode in the ecosystem. To best of the accepted accessible and abounding accidental angry fans, promotions such as Arena of Honor represent “The Others” – the generally grittier able promotions that action alternatives to the PG narratives and scripted vignettes of WWE.

It’s appetizing for outsiders and accidental admirers to acrylic all promotions that aren’t WWE with the aforementioned brush. But “The Others” are as assorted as you can brainstorm – from absolute bounded accoutrement employing part-time athletes and arena beer halls, to celebrated adopted promotions whose founders went on to acknowledged political careers in their home countries (that’d be New Japan Pro Wrestling, founded by Antonio Inoki).

Ring of Honor is an accustomed cast with amalgamated television deals and its own alive service. It represents a applicable career aisle for men and women who appetite to accomplish their livelihoods in the boxlike circle.

“Trust me aback I say, it’s a above league,” PCO says.

But it’s not WWE, a aggregation with common advertisement television deals, a affection becloud assembly studio, and a full-blooded that stretches aback 67 years.

From a wrestler’s point of view, PCO says the adverse amid a advance like WWE and ROH is beneath abrupt than one ability assume.

“I can’t say on all levels (ROH) can attempt with (WWE) moneywise … but they’re advantageous acceptable money. And you can accomplish acceptable money with affairs too, with T-shirts and everything,” he says.

Gilleland won’t acknowledge absolutely how commodity deals assignment in ROH but acclaimed that they’re altered depending on the performer. Generally speaking, aback it comes to compensation, “we are competitive,” he says.

PCO describes the Arena of Honor accident agenda as far beneath backbreaking than WWE’s. At about 50 shows a year, he says, “You ability accomplish a little bit added money (with WWE) but you’ll be alive 250 canicule a year and (it’s) alert as expensive.”

In a becloud of $7 beer and powerbombs, the hours cycle by. We’re advised to a brittle defence of the Women of Honor Apple Championship, a agrarian six-man luchador bender abounding of aerial spots and mayhem, and a singles challenge in which Taven defends his apple appellation adjoin Alex Shelley.

But the best is yet to come.

A angry appearance has a pulse, a rhythm, all its own. A fast-paced tag bender ability be followed by a slower, added concrete singles bout. A 30-minute chase ability be preceded by a animated comedic affair. In this case, Taven and Shelley’s angry bender was the appetizer for absolute battle.

The lights cut out and the 12-foot alpine video affectation at the wrestlers’ access breadth flashes the accustomed skull and beyond advance rifles that represent Bullet Club.

The capital accident is a tag-team challenge amid Bullet Club associates Guerrillas of Destiny from NJPW and ROH’s own The Briscoe Brothers, additionally accepted as Dem Boyz.

Hipsters of the Coast on Twitter: "The Buy-a-Box will be an ..
Hipsters of the Coast on Twitter: “The Buy-a-Box will be an .. | modern horizons promo card

Despite their alignment with one of the best accepted angry brands of the aftermost 20 years, GoD are met with a mix of cheers, jeers, and boos from the crowd. They are, afterwards all, adverse invaders to the area as the tag-team champions of New Japan Pro Wrestling.

GoD’s arena accoutrement looks like it was raided from the set of “The Matrix,” with Tama Tonga and Tanga Loa in black, vaguely military-looking leather. The Briscoes, by contrast, abrasion ragged burden pants, decrepit sleeveless shirts, and bandanas, like a two-man biker assemblage from a post-apocalyptic acreage town. They’ll accommodated in a Ladder War bender – “war” actuality the accessible word.

Beyond the ring, a beneath candidly affecting war may be developing: a action for eyeballs, announcement dollars, and talent, instigated by All Elite Wrestling.

Backed by Shahid Khan, the billionaire buyer of English football club Fulham FC and the NFL’s Jacksonville Jaguars, AEW has positioned itself as the hottest able angry advance alfresco of the WWE in beneath than a year of existence. With aloof a scattering of shows beneath its belt and a few blockbuster aptitude signings, some assemblage are already touting the apprentice AEW as a WWE killer.

It’s a force that ROH, and every angry advance attractive to advance a bazaar allotment of the hardcore angry fan base, will anon accept to account with.

“I can’t not acknowledgment All Elite Wrestling. It would be like … assuming they don’t exist,” PCO says. “We apperceive they’re activity to alpha on October 2 on TNT, which is activity to be major, too.”

Packed with aptitude from the indy scene, AEW is about captained by pro-wrestling darlings Cody Rhodes, Kenny Omega, and The Young Bucks. That account TV accord has admirers salivating at the anticipation of addition Monday Night War amid AEW and WWE.

“That creates a little bit of a additional amount for the wrestlers now because there’s a little bit of angry over talents,” PCO says. “It’s adamantine to adumbrate things appropriate now. They’re buzzing. But it’s absolutely adamantine to apperceive what’s activity to appear out of that.”

While AEW cultivates the raw activity and hardcore character of The Others and WWE moves to assurance as abounding indy talents as accessible in retaliation, the arena currently active by the brand of ROH ability assume treacherous.

Gilleland doesn’t necessarily agree. “It armament anybody to be better,” he says. “Competition is a acceptable activity for everyone.”

In Toronto, at least, Arena of Honor and The Briscoes appear out winners. Afterwards 20 account of agitated armchair shots, awful table spots, and a blood-covered arena (the agent of that claret actuality Jay Briscoe’s face), Dem Boyz vanquish the invaders and absorb the ROH tag-team championships.

It’s the absolute acme to a night of choreographed violence. Admirers barter wry smiles. Even the best blah smarks (slang for “smart marks,” admirers who anticipate they’ve apparent it all) can be heard saying, “That bender was f—— sick.”

In the abnormal amid a anatomy actuality launched into the air and hitting a table, amid the additional and third pinfall calculation from a referee, angry admirers acquisition their moments of euphoria.

And, for now, Arena of Honor delivers.

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Colin McNeil is a authoritative editor with theScore Esports.

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